How is this item shipped?
Will this rust if not protected?
What size ball do I need on my truck?
What size tires are used on the trailer?
What is the warranty for the trailer?
Can I remove the side panels?
Can I put larger tires on the trailer?
Can I use the gate as a ramp?
Can this trailer be driven on the highway?
What does this trailer come with in terms of registration?
What is the recommended tire pressure for this trailer?
I am looking to purchase parts for my trailer, can I order them directly through Detail K2?
How often should I be greasing my bearings?
Do I have to grease the bearings before use?
Where can I locate my VIN?
What should the torque on the lugs on the wheels be?
What is the difference between the MMT5X7 and the MMT5X7G?
Do the Galvanized Trailers rust?
Is there anything else different from the black trailers vs. galvanized other than the coating?
What type of light connector are on these trailers?
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