Runva 9.5XS 9500lb 12v Recovery Winch (Short Drum Rock Crawler)

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  • 7.5ft Switch Controller

  • 5/16‚Äù x 50‚Äô Full Steel Cable

  • Full Steel Controller Box with 5ft 400A Wires Black/Red

  • Heavy Duty Zinc Coat Roller

  • Mounting Bolts M10x6

  • 3/8‚Äù Hook with Strap


Name: Runva 9.5Xs 9500 lb 12v Recovery Winch (Short Drum Rock Crawler)
Model Number: Runva 9.5XS
Rated Line Pull: 9500lb (4309kgs) Single Line Pull
Motor: Series Wound 12V 4.6kw/5.8hp
Gear Reduction Ratio: 230:1
Cable (Dia. x L): 5/16” x 45.9'
Drum Size (Dia. x L): 2.48” x 4.7” (63mm x 120mm)
Mounting Bolt Pattern: 5.9” x 4.5” 4-M10
Overall Dimensions: 17.2” x 6.3” x 10.7” (L x W x H)
Net Weight: 76lbs


  • Power In/Out, Winch Pulls In Both Direction

  • Free Spooling Clutch

  • Full Steel Internal and External

  • Full Steel Three Stages Planetary Reducer

  • Automatic Screw Cone Braking Action

  • A Powerful, Speedy, Compact Size, Less Weight Rocker Crawling Winch

UPC 826518002813
Brand Runva
Cross-Border Shipping Yes
Warranty Limited lifetime (geartrain), 7-year (electrical)


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