EVEREST 88-Inch x 22-Inch Custom-Mounted Hydraulic Snowplow

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Model Number(s): EVST9022


DK2 is proud to bring you the ultimate snowplow solution in our lineup - the DK2 Everest. This prosumer, fully hydraulic snowplow kit provides you the opportunity to clear your parking lot, driveway, or laneway whenever required. With our fully hydraulic system you can raise, lower, and angle the snowplow blade from inside your vehicle using the wired hand-held remote. For extreme durability against the elements and rust, DK2 combines an industrial powder-coated paint finish on the blade with hot-dipped galvanized hardware components to keep your plow looking new for years. The plow itself simply clips to a DK2 custom fitted mounting system and can mount to almost any light truck or SUV.

Please note that this snowplow kit does not include your vehicle-specific custom mount kit - all custom mount kits are sold separately.

UPC 826518005579
Brand DK2
Certification(s) ISO 9001
Material Steel
Material Finish UV Powder Coated
Color Black
Cross-Border Shipping No
Plow Mount Type Custom-mounted
Plow Angling Mechanism Hydraulic
Plow Blade Size (LxH) 88 in x 26 in (223.5 cm x 66 cm)
Plow Lift Mechanism Hydraulic
Assembled Dimensions (LxWxH) 88 in x 42 in x 22 in (223.5 cm x 106.7 cm x 55.9 cm)
Assembled Weight 425 lb (192.8 kg)
Shipping Dimensions (LxWxH) 48 in x 42 in x 40 in (121.9 cm x 106.7 cm x 101.6 cm)
Disclaimer Product appearance and specifications are subject to change
Warranty 1-year limited


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